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I'll help you find all the right words, in English or español

From the precise translation of your technical, financial, or legal documents, to localizing your website and transcreating your marketing copy to make it sound just as clever, coherent, and persuasive to either an English or Spanish-speaking audience, I'll help you drive your message home.
My satisfied clients through the years include Con Edison, PRNewswire, ProPublica, Portada, WSJ Magazine, The Apollo Group, and various LSPs.  

Companies hire me because I know how to engage their target audience in their native language and within their cultural context. As your dedicated translation specialist, I provide a one-stop service for all your project needs.

Kiosks at Luquillo Beach, Puerto Rico
Coquito the Super Sato
Travel photography, mi patria, and a lovable sato.

Besides translating, my passions are travel photography, my sato (Puerto Rican stray dog) Coquito, and my blog La Mancha de Plátano, where I keep “boricuas de sangre y corazón” all over the world abreast of the latest travel, culture, and news from my island home of Puerto Rico.

Don't miss out on connecting with your audience

Let me help you reach them.


Certified Translation

Editing & Proofreading



Remote Interpreting

With every project, I deliver…

Dedicated, one-on-one service
Linguistic and cultural competency
Your preferred brand voice and style
Consistent use of client’s custom terminology

As a certified translator and M/WBE…

I am committed to providing
Attractive pricing

Let’s talk about your project!

Whether you need the certified translation of a legal document, the translation and editing of Spanish or English content, or the Spanish localization of your digital marketing materials for either a U.S., Latin America, or Puerto Rico audience, let me lend my expertise to your project.

I will help you build a stronger connection with prospects and customers through crisp, coherent, and engaging content.

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